Webon supports the uploading and management of the following document types...

  • Word Doc (.doc & .docx)

  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xls & .xlsx)

  • Power Point (.ppt & .pptx)

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)

To make documents available for site visitors to download you upload them to the "Docs" tab of the Media Manager and then make a link to them using the "Create Link" tool. Webon changes the name of the files to an internal scheme. (This will be fixed in a future version to allow downloading of files by the same filename they were uploaded as.)

Once you click the "Create Link" icon you are presented with this screen where you can choose from a variety of options. Click "View Media Manager" to select any file in your Media Manager

You can also link to files from an image using the "Settings Cog" on a given image. Take a look at the Photos page to see this in action.